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Luxury Multi-shiang sauce
Author:wnk Release date:2013-10-12 17:25:09Click:1023

Name: Five Star Multi shiang sauce
Specifications: 1 box * 15 bottles * 246 g
Type: special spicy type
Tips: This product is imported Indian devil pepper carefully brewed deployment, after three high-temperature sterilization technology, vacuum closure secure, unique process, secret formula, no add any flavors, colors, preservatives, product spicy and delicious, natural color, long food does not get angry. Chili king reputation, rich in vitamin C and carotene, is adorned share seasoning.
Ideal for modulation soy products and a variety of raw cold dishes, especially meat modulation is more suitable; also clip bread, noodles, cooking, when the dip and the like.
If the two chefs choose this product, you can reach the level of a chef!
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