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Benefits of pepper
Hectogram pepper vitamin C content up to 198 mg, ranking first in vegetables. Vitamin B, carotene and calcium, iron and other mineral content than the rich. Medical experts believe that the peppers can ease abdominal Leng Tong, stop diarrhea, abdominal gastric inhibitory to kill parasites and control of heart disease and coronary artery disease; also stimulate the oral mucosa, causing gastric peristalsis, stimulate saliva secretion, increase appetite, promote digestion.
Hot product because of its bactericidal, antiseptic, flavoring, nutrition, fend off the cold and other functions, for human disease prevention, treatment, genetically modified, and promote human evolution has played a positive role. Therefore, in your everyday recipes to add a little pepper, a great benefit for the health of the body.
Pepper slimming magic bullet
Pepper, people can not refuse on the grounds that: burn fat, Slim plastic body!
The key to burning fat pepper capsaicin, just eat a tablespoon, it will stimulate the taste instantly sent to the brain "enough" signal, resulting in greatly reduced appetite. Capsaicin also another big role is to stimulate the body heat system, speed up the metabolism. Fast heat system can improve the efficiency of the body, like the fast-running machines can consume large amounts of hydrocarbon fuels.
After eating a spicy meal, you can consume more than 25 percent of calories. And when in the belly burning hot, drink caffeine-rich tea, the effect is even more obvious. Pepper also promote the body's production of two enzymes in the process of burning fat while they can "convince" uninstall fat cells, while preventing excessive accumulation of fat. The way to lose weight without any diet rules companion, because capsaicin stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, but also make you have a good mood.
Pepper is a female tonic
Pepper taste spicy, spicy, and has a good appetite appetizer trigger function. But many women believe that eating chili easy to get angry, causing his face a "small acne", so to beautiful, although eat hot peppers, but also suppress appetite, arm's length.
However, the German Nutrition and Dietetics School of Medicine study conducted showed that such as pepper and chili spicy condiments can be effective in helping people lose weight. Spicy spices can eaters sweat, thus increasing the energy consumption of the body.
Pepper in a way, is a female, "tonic", instead of "enemies." Because pepper bactericidal effect, which also contains a substance called "capsaicin" substances, can promote the secretion of hormones, thus speeding up the metabolism to burn body fat in order to achieve the effect, and thus play a role in weight loss. And Pepper reliable natural ingredients and, in some areas dominated by spicy food, local women are rarely acne problems, skin more and more slippery. It seems safe to eat spicy chili female.
Pepper can prevent heart disease
Pepper can promote blood circulation, increase flexibility of blood vessels, reduce the chance of hardening of the arteries and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Pepper also rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant effect, strengthen body resistance apart, but also anti-aging.
Nutritional Analysis
1 antipyretic analgesics: chili Xin Wen, decreased body temperature through sweating, and relieve muscle pain, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect; 
2  Prevention of cancer: the active ingredient capsaicin pepper is an antioxidant that can prevent any cell metabolism, thereby terminating the cancerous cells and tissues process and reduce the incidence of cancer cells;
3 to increase appetite, help digestion: Hot & Spicy chili strongly stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increase appetite, promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion;
4 lipid-lowering diet: Pepper contains capsaicin, can promote fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of body fat is beneficial lipid-lowering diet and disease prevention.