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"Wei Nin Kang" Legend

    In the world geological park, the famous national AAAAA class tourist area, "Yuntai Mountain" Xiuwu County, the territory of Xiao Ying Cun, there is a fairy story "Feng Tingyue marry dragon".

    Legend has it that in the late Ming and early Qing years, Xiao Ying Cun there was a man named Feng Tingyue, he is kind-hearted, honest people honest. One day, Feng Tingyue in a thunderstorm, gale four rainy days, deliver a colored small goldfish, the original small goldfish is the Dragon King's youngest son, King Feng Tingyue to thank rescue the son of the life-saving grace, and through the Dragon Prince from help, finally Feng Tingyue marry dragon daughter to wife, is make a lot of good for the villagers.

    One year, the villagers planted peppers watched not sell. Feng Tingyue see in the eyes of the anxious heart, home and Dragon said, dragon smile said: "this have what difficulty, I and the father in heaven, in heaven there is a do chili sauce recipe, make this recipe chili ah, do not mention how delicious, and there are appetizers, Shujin promoting blood circulation, prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and other functions!" "Really! Great. Feng Tingyue pleased to say. So they began buying the villagers planted peppers, then start the processing pepper sauce business. Later because of the Eight Power Allied forces invaded China, this formula has been lost.

    Until the year 1998, is now Xiao Ying Cun Liu recovered, said Mr. Liu's ancestors was von Tingyue and Longnu's apprentice, now Mr. Liu in accordance with the formula "to Wei Nin Kang" brand chili sauce, known far and wide, and apologize to consumers say: "sorry,Wei Nin Kangand spicy you the!" Indeed, "to Wei Nin Kang" brand hot and spicy sauce has a unique local flavor, not only color aroma and taste, and delicious, after eating, make people think constantly of. Do not believe, you can try!